When it comes to flooring, there is a wide variety to choose from and each come with their own different advantages. Due to this vast selection, it is possible for you to pick out the perfect flooring for your home. But the question is, if you know exactly what is suitable and will be appropriate for your home flooring. If you are confused by the many options available, then this article will be very helpful for you as given below are different types of themes and the types of flooring that are best suited for each of them.

Exotic and luxurious

For a luxurious look, the top three flooring to go for would be exotic hardwood timber flooring, designer floor tiles, and linoleum flooring. Hardwood has different types of styles to choose from such as exotic hardwood and reclaimed hardwood. Exotic hardwoods are made with different spices found around the world, therefore giving out a very striking appearance leaving your home looking super luxurious. Reclaimed hardwood is when you get wood from old barns or factories that are no longer in use, therefore, it is unique and leaves you with a very rich and authentic look.

Designer floor tiles will leave your home looking modern and up to date, there are many beautiful and classy looking patterns to choose from be it quartz tiles, beldi tiles or vintage floor tiles, they all will leave you satisfied. Linoleum flooring has made its way back into style and is currently one of the most popular and luxurious types of flooring around, added advantages include that it’s eco-friendly and long lasting.

Simple and minimalist

For a simple themed house, the best option is to go for carpet rugs, there are many different colors and patterns to choose from, and it will give your house a simple and classy look. It also has many added advantages; it will sound proof the house, will be non-slippery and is also very easy to install and clean. There are two ways to go about the simple and minimalistic theme, such as if you have simple furniture then you can add a carpet with a vibrant color, or else if its heavy on the furniture and has a lot going on then you can opt for a light colored carpet.

Of course there are many other themes you can go for, and with proper research it will not be too hard to find suitable flooring, but if you plan on having or have any of the themes mentioned above then the suggested flooring options will be the best options to go for.