Have you ever been down to your basement and wondered if it can be of more use to you than a simple storage area? Perhaps you would like spend more time down there, but the mere thought of spending time in that dark and damp room might be making you cringe. But what if we tell you you can make your basement more inviting? For you and your guests…? If you’re interested, read ahead to see what our expert have to suggest to you…built in wine fridge melbourne

  • Pay attention to the walls and the floor – these are what basically gives you basement that “spooky feel”. More often than not, basements are damp; and the wall paint would be peeling off due to the moisture. Use the proper sealing wall paint to avoid this happening. Also, paint your walls a vibrant color is possible; as opposed to the greyish, cool toned colors that most people associate basement with.
  • Switch out the light fixtures – basements and dim lights are like a cliché that we can’t change. But we should. You’d be surprised at how much of a dramatic change your dull and repelling basement will have, after just a simple change of lights bulbs and and light shades. If possible, try to get in extra lights so that your basement is well lit.
  • Install the dazzling attractions – you’ll notice that you’ll be more inclined to go down to the basement after making the above two changes. But if you really want to make use of it, consider moving a few of your interests down there. For example, if you have your wine cellar Melbourne down there, consider adding a mini bar there as well. If you can install a good entertainment system (and a popcorn machine!) down there, you’ll find that your basement is just the perfect place to jump start your weekend in style…!
  • Turn it soundproof – having a soundproof room in your home has many advantages. If done for your study or home office, it can help you work without getting disturbed; making it perfect for freelancers. If done for the entertainment room, you could watch the loudest action movies in there, and no one gets disturbed. Likewise, if you make you basement soundproof, not only could you convert it into a home office or entertainment room, you could also put in a wine fridge in there and have your parties out of your neighbors prying eyes and ears.
  • Make sure the entrance to the basement is more approachable – since most people use basements only for storage, or at the most, laundry, the entrance to the basement is usually poorly lit and poorly constructed. This has to change if you want to spend more time in there. While having a rickety staircase can feel like an adventure (if you have to use those stairs very rarely), it can become a nuisance when having to use every day…