A forklift is powered truck used to move goods or material over a short distance.  An important feature about forklift is that it must be rear-moving. . Forklifts are rated for various loads and center of gravity.

Forklift operator in Sydney needs a license to legally operate forklift in Sydney. To meet legal requirements, a forklift operator is required to get Sydney forklift license. Undergoing a certification for training is first step towards applying for forklift license. If you are looking for forklift driver position in construction, logistics and manufacturing company then it’s important for you must have forklift license.

Getting hold of a forklift or order picker license is very important if you are looking for a forklift driver position in construction, manufacturing, retail business, logistics or shipping company. Similarly if employer wants to raise the competency level of their operators and getting them license then a training course is important to avoid any fine or penalty by inspectors.

Instructions to apply for forklift license:

First of all be sure which license you need, TLILIC2001A license (forklift truck) or TLILIC2002A license (order-picking forklift truck). If you are not certain which one you should chose then contact Work Safe or Registered Training Organization (RTO)

Hire an RTO to give you training course.

RTO will provide you with formal course (theory, lectures and discussions). The student must have to pass written test to proceed to practical forklift operation.

During practical operations student will be assigned different tasks and performance in the practical will be logged on to log book.

On completion of training course student will be assessed. The RTO’s will then issue certificates to successful students.

Students must have to submit essential documents and processing fee to Australia post for Work Safe plastic license. The validity of certificate of attainment is 60 days so it is recommended for students to submit application documents to Australia Post.

List of RTO’s:

TCP Training

Absolute Forklift Training

 Training Aid Australia Pty. Ltd.

Australia Forklift Training

Infront Staffing and Training

Ace Forklift Assessing Pty. Ltd


CoatesHire MPOTS Pty. Ltd. (Mobile Plant Operator Training Services)

Royce Driver Training


Sydney Tafe

Tag Training

Training Wheels Pty. Ltd

Requirements for taking forklift certification course

Minimum 18 years of age.

Proficient in speaking or writing English

Capability of computing calculation for forklift safe working loads.

Personal protective equipment such as coverall, helmet, safety shoes.

 You can display items list in 100 points Evidence of Identify (EOI). This EOI will be necessary upon submission of application to Australia Post for processing of Work Safe License.

RTO’s will provide students with forklift manual and workbook. The questionnaire in the work book should be answered before attending the course.

What Will You Learn from Forklift Training Course?

This course covers important areas and topics

Safety measures

Hazard analysis

OHS policy

Code of practice

Australia forklift-related legislations and policies


Refueling safety

Battery check and recharging