Home made jams and other sweets are a delicacy in today’s food market. This is because these products have a unique taste and are usually a more healthy option compared to their mass produced counterparts that use chemicals like artificial colouring and food preservatives. However you are up against some heavy competition because these big companies also have massive marketing budgets and teams of people who are really good at selling their product. Therefore we have come up with some strategies that can help you move as many of your home made treats and reach the widest audience possible.

Improving your labels

There is a reason companies spend a lot of time and resources designing and protecting the designs of their packaging. Statistics show that consumers are attracted to products with a more vibrant and eye-catching packaging. You can also make your product seem more expensive with a well-designed packaging.

One way to reach more customers is to do away with the simple labels that might adorn your home made goods, and get a more vibrant label designed. You can include your company name and a short description of the product. Also use bright colours so that it stands out on those supermarket shelves. There are many graphic designers looking for graphic design jobs online and you can hire one of them to make these for you.

Marketing online

Even though your items are perishable, if your jam is packaged properly in jars that have proper seals, they can keep for quite a while. Therefore, you can look at widening the radius in which you sell your products. Search online for people looking for media jobs https://becomerecruitment.com/au/media and find someone who can create a website through which people can order your product.

If your products include things like baked goods, you can still market them online but make sure that you accept orders from a smaller radius so that you can deliver within the day.

Choosing your location

Choosing your location can be a strategic part of creating your company image. For example you can chose not to sell your goods at your local supermarket and create an image of exclusivity around your product. This way you can capture a more niche market as well.

If your product is new you can make them available at places like weekend flea markets and other locations where people gather to hang out, and get the word out this way. With time if the demand is high enough, you can also open a store dedicated to your products.