The prepared meal delivery is a booming business. People prefer to have a prepared meal at home with extra minimal cost but convenience at hand. But this industry has more potential in the case of prepared meals delivered. Healthy food consists of vegetables, fruits, and beans, etc. These foods are prepared with fresh ingredients and their target customers are Diet Cautious people. Many food companies are in the business of preparing healthy meals and delivering them. For example, Chef Good is working on this business strategy.

Chef Good committed to delivering, handmade, handpicked and handcrafted healthy meals. The team of chefs and food experts are working to deliver high-quality healthy food to their customers. They design their menus for meals which can last for 7 days in the fridge but it always preferable to eat food by providing a schedule to enjoy its freshness. Meals are packed in vacuum containers which seals the freshness and taste of its ingredients. This packaging also provide convenience in freezing the meal. They used 100% environment-friendly materials for their packaging and it is recyclable. Empty packaging can easily be deposit at over 1700 recyclable sites in Australia.

Chef Good provides a weekly subscription to their customers for prepared meal delivery. It gives ease to the customer to pause or cancel their subscription if they are traveling or not at home for some time. They take orders on Monday as per customer’s request but delivery days are Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. As the delivery of prepared meals is for a week and same is the case for billing. The customer has their account on the website which contains their payment details and at the time of order, the customer account must be active. Every week, the payment will be deducted as long as the subscription will be active.

Chef Good makes delivery in multiple cities of Australia, prepared meal get delivered at the customer’s address. Their active cities can be checked on their website by putting the postal code of your respective city. But the delivery will be charged separately from meal price. Right now delivery charges are AUD 12 per week which applies to all areas.

The customer doesn’t need to be at home at the time of delivery but the customer should ensure that they should refrigerate the food within 3-4 hours after delivery. As packaging is thermal stable but in case of long exposure to sunlight, the quality of food can decline. The company doesn’t take responsibility for the quality and food in this scenario. But for customer information, they send a text message to the customer one night before delivery. It aids the customer to make necessary arrangement to receive the delivery or make oneself available to receive delivery personally. Chef Good can easily be said as a renowned brand in the prepared meal delivery.