As a business owner, you will have many tasks that you will have to fulfill and one of them is having to host meetings for VIP clients and suppliers from overseas. As the host, you will be in charge of seeing to your guests needs and your business should take up all costs that your clients will have in your country. However, as a business owner, you will also want to try and get all of this at the best rates possible because you will want to give them a great time but also keep the expenditure as low as possible. 

Transportation within your country

The first thing that you will have to organize would be the private airport transfers for your guests from the airport to the accommodation that you have organized for them. You could either choose to host them at a hotel which would of course cost a lot of money or you can choose to rent out a luxury apartment that your guests will be able to use during the time of their stay.

In addition to this, you will also need to provide your guests with a chauffeur service for the duration of their stay as they will not know of the transportation options in your country and they will also not know the roads and where they are meant to be going without the help of a chauffeur.

Programme and itinerary

Although your guests ad clients are going to be in your country on business and you will want to get as much business done within the short time frame that you have them available, you will also want to ensure that your guests have some down time and the opportunity to visit the important places in your country and study the language, the culture and the history of your country. You can decide if you are going to pay and sponsor these trips or if you are going to give your guests and clients a free hand to go visiting the places that they want to see on their own. This would depend on the exact business relationship that you have with them and how much you are able to afford to spend on this trip. Have a discussion with your guests and talk to them about the types of things that they would like to do and experience while they are in your country. Some people may say they would like to visit historical sites while others may take a fancy in tasting the local cuisine.