A blood pressure machine has many names such as blood pressure meter or the blood pressure gauge and sometimes also known as blood pressure monitor. The medical name for this device is however sphygmomanometer. This device is usually made up of cuff that is inflatable, which can collapse and release the artery which is under it in a very controlled aspect. Another device which is known as mercury manometer is used with the blood pressure machine in order to measure the pressure. This device is always used to determine the pressure at which blood flows. There are majorly two types of these blood pressure machines. One is the manual machine and the second is the digital machine. The manual blood pressure machine makes use of stethoscope.

However, manual and digital machines both are used by doctors and consumers at home. These machines vary in accuracies and the conveniences varies. The manual blood pressure machine is used in such cases where the practitioner is very much trained because this require accuracy. The manual blood pressure machines which uses mercury are standard and people have been using it for over quite time. But one must learn how to read the measurements from the manual blood pressure machine and the manual blood pressure machines are only used for measuring the systolic pressure.

In digital blood pressure machine, the mechanism is different form other. It makes use of oscillometer measurements and the calculations of these are electronic. These kinds of machine could use both either the manual or automatic inflation and unlike manual blood pressure machine it can be used to measure both the systolic and diastolic pressure. The major reason why these blood pressure machines are more famous than the manual blood pressure machines is their convenience to use. No special kind of training is required in reading the measurement from the digital blood pressure machine. Even someone with no knowledge could use these to check the blood pressure. Another major reason of the popularity of these blood pressure machines is that these could even work in an environment where there is a chance of noise that is there is an chance of some error. not only this digital machine just measure the blood pressure but it also make use of microprocessors which help in measuring the heart rate and pulse rate as well. The accuracy of the digital blood pressure machine is much more than the manual blood pressure machine.