If you are building a new home and are considering the possible structures that you can theme your pantry to, going in simple can be a great start. The most important part of building a pantry is thinking fresh and staying original. Here are some tips to help you build your pantry. Workspaces and the FlowThere are a several well-known readings that have demarcated five overall expanses in a pantry; the pantry area itself, storage space, the sink, the prepping space and the cooking space. You can use some hampton style kitchen to bring originality into all of these areas. Each area will need a different set of requirements. For example, the sink area has to be well done with correct plumbing and has to be lower than your chest level. The pantry itself has to be spacious and well-appointed because it is something that will grab everybody’s attention. hampton style kitchenTypes of pantriesThere are three main types of pantries that are commonly found. One is linear the other I L shaped and the final type is a U shaped pantry. Any of these can fit into the model of textured timber kitchens which will add more character to it. In addition to all of this, it is very important to know the ways that each theme will work. There has to be enough space so that accidents will not happen when more than one person is working in the space. If you are renovating, a good way to think would be to analyze the aspects that you dislike about the current pantry and try to work on improving those areas. Colours that will work wellFor any part of your home, light and bright hues will always work wonders. There are methods of incorporating dark shades too but you have to be careful not to overdo it. Often the theme of your pantry can also decide the main colours that will work well with it. For example if you plan on doing a very rural themed kitchen brows, beiges and off-whites will do great. A contemporary theme will look for white, grey, black and steel colours. It is entirely up to you to get creative with your pantry. Own it completely but make sure it works well.Materials usedMake sure that all the materials you use are ones that are durable. The last thing you want is to have to replace everything in a couple of years. Everything from the pantry cupboards to the counter to the shelves and storage facilities need to coincide with each other in a logical sense. If you design originally makes no sense it will not look good once it has been completed. The best materials that are in use mostly is wood and steel. Melamine is also being incorporated more and more.