There are many types of hair extensions which come in a variety of colours. The most popular colours on the market today are blonde, black, and red. They can come in just about any length you like. They are readily available to buy either at the hairdressers, hair care shops, even some discount stores. They can vary in price from a couple of dollars to thousands of dollars. Not only does it depend on the hair and if it is real hair or fake hair, it also depends on the colour and nail fungus laser in Sydney at YoubySia, the length and the quality. Hair extensions are also available online, there are so many choice it’s very hard to decide.

The most simple to use it the clip in method. You can buy half a head of hair or a just small pieces. If you want your hair to look like it has foils, the smaller single packets are great and you can mix and match the colours. It is also much safer than using dye on your hair. Even though the actual hair may not be too costly for you to buy, especially if you are buying fake hair it is the time and money spent to place them in your hair. Clip in method can be easily done at home and by yourself. Other types of extensions are the fusion which is strand by strand.

This is an extremely long process, and often more than one hairdresser applies the extensions in this way for pigmentation removal and get the complimentary consultation. This is usually done by a glue gun which heats and melts the glue stick. A similar way to this and takes around 6-10 hours to apply is the pre tipped fusion method but the difference is that the ends of the hair strands come pre tipped with the glue that melts the heat. The micro ring or micro loop uses no glue or heat and if applied well will not damage your hair at all. The strand of hair is pulled trough the ring and pressed firmly with a pair of pliers.

These are very popular in Bali and Thailand, where you can get a full head of hair done from around $10 AUD. You need to think about your budget, and the maintenance time you have. The plus side to the micro loop is that it is not damaging to the hair and fairly easy to remove and re do if needed.

There are assortment of colours and very easy to buy. It can be a little uncomfortable to sleep on though with many beads in your hair touching your scalp if its done too close. My favourite is having very dark hair and then the red colour underneath, so only a half head is needed, this is a cheap option and easy to apply. Clip ins though are still popular because of the ease, and the way you can change your colour hair in just seconds. Just be careful where they are placed in your hair so the clips don’t show through your natural hair.