You are at the stage of life where your children have all grown up, maybe married and are now settled down with their own family. Your home is now too big for you and your spouse and both of you, often find yourself struggling with keeping up with the maintenance, bills, getting around and doing the bare minimum things that you could when you had your children around.

Here, you can start thinking about the considering to move to a retirement living housing. You may have heard romours of how expensive it is, but let us this this opportunity to tell you the benefits of living at a retirement living and how it is not the expensive choice of living.

The last thing you have to worry is about your house maintenance: Maintaining your home is not a piece of cake even if you have family support, or someone to do it for you. Keeping up with maintenance job such as your yard, or in winters, to remove snow, it is a hassle. When you are in a retirement living home, trust us when we say this, maintenance is not your job. On top of that, if you never had a house help, this is exactly when you can have one and be rest assured that your home will always be up clean.

Is retirement living North Brisbane really expensive? Well, it would be wrong of us to sell you the idea that it is inexpensive, but when you do the math, yes it is considerably lower than your monthly expenses. How? Why don’t you start adding up the monthly bills you got to pay, from all billings of entertainment to utility bills, retirement houses will cost less? Here is an added cost saving factor that we urge you to consider, right now, you may be travelling to some store by using your car, but at retirement living, you get onsite transport or everything is very near to your home, so that is both transportation and car maintenance cost off your list!

Who said when you are over 50 you cannot go back to being 15 and not have a huge group of friends? In our opinion, the best thing about retirement living is, you get to meet people and make friends of similar interests. Since there are many on site activities that retirement living villages offer, you will be making new circles and enjoying each other’s company!

What’s best is, you can book yourself a tour to any of our five retirement villages for sale and experience the lifestyle. Your third stage of living should be as happening as your teens, carefree!