We are living in the era of technology and e-commerce. The information about almost each and every topic is widely available in depth on the internet. There is no such topic that has not been covered and are hidden from the knowledge of the human being. A few decades ago, people had been relying on people for gathering information regarding specific topic, people used to manipulate the information and make it in their favour so that they get extra benefits out of it. But not anymore. People has excess to internet and they can now confirm the information if someone is giving to them.

Public Liability

A knowledge about laws and insurance is one of the topics which is highly manipulated and there was no straight guidance to the public about their rights and on which injuries and accidents they can claim and get the security in return.  Following are the accidents and injuries to which a common citizen of the country could claim.

Shopping Centers:

While roaming around in shopping mall, you got slipped with anything that is not your mistake and you get injured then it is the management of the shopping center, or the owner of the shop in which you are standing is liable to take you to the hospital and bear all the expenses. If he doesn’t do so, a person has all the right to claim against them.

Restaurants and Hotels:

Having food in a restaurant is always fun but sometimes this fun can be converted into a horrible nightmare if you have a food poisoning or get your hand and leg fractures while falling from the chair because chair was already broken and is still there for the guests to sit on it. In this case, the owner of the restaurant has to take you to the hospital.

Rental Property:

The sole responsible for all the maintenance of the house is the one who owns it. The walls and roof should be up to the mark that a person can live in. If someone get injured from the falling of roof or fan then owner of the property pays the expenses at hospital.

Attack from Animal:

If a person is being attacked by the animal on road then it is responsibility of a government to bear all the expenses.

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